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Remit Infinity is a web based remittance business management software developed by Infinity Technology International Ltd. back in 2004. It has been designed to automate the entire process of remittance business starting from fund transferring to fund distribution

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Remit Infinity is superior to other vendor's solution because of the fact that it has the unique facility of maintaining entire back office data like GL transaction, GL Ledger, Cash book, Trial balance etc. and thus makes our customer more confidence on our solution. Another Important aspect of 'REMIT INFINITY' is its flexibility in accommodating new compliance issue. So when central banks of remitter's/ beneficiary's countries impose new compliance issues or made any changes/ new requirements in remittance business, 'REMIT INFINITY' can very quickly and easily address those compliances issue/ requirements. Thus, users of REMIT INFINITY are in a comfortable position to continue their business with new compliances/ requirements without any delay or hassle

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