K. M. Obaidullah


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Name: K. M. Obaidullah
Designation: Director
About: Mr. Kazi Mohammad Obaidullah son of Kazi Mohammad Abdullah is the Director of Infinity Technology International Limited. He is a B. Sc. in Computer Science from New York, U. S.A in 1989. He is a Director in charge of Software Development of the company. He has an experience of 22 years in Software Development has IT Proficiency in Operating System, Programming Language, Packages, GUI, Report Design, RDBMS etc. Under his active guidance the ITIL developed many products such as: Infinity Banking Solutions (IBS), Infinity Centralized web-based Remittance Management Solution- Remit Infinity, Infinity on-line banking solution (ABB),ATM Inter-facing, Infinity Centralized web-based Reconciliation System (IRS), Infinity Centralized web-based Accounting System (AccPro) for Service, Manufacturing and Retail Business, Infinity e-Recruiting System, Infinity e-Admission System, Infinity Centralized web-based DNA Bank Solution, Infinity Centralized web-based Core Banking (CBS) Infinity-365 and many other software now being used by banks and other institutions.
Educational Background: He is a B. Sc. in Computer Science from New York,
Email: director@infinitytechltd.com
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